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Q. I am a FERS retiree who was RIF’d into retirement in October 2009 with 27 years of service. I reached my minimum retirement age of 56 on Jan 4. I understand I will receive the special retirement supplement for first year regardless of my employment income. Will that continue for the 12 calendar months from February through January 2014? Or is it only until Dec. 31, which would be 11 months?

After that first year, I understand that the Office of Personnel Management will evaluate my previous year’s income (I assume total 2013) and then cut off my supplement or at least adjust it based on how much over the $14,160 earnings limit I made. I will have made more than three times the $14,160, so I assume, in my case, they will cut me off. Will they cut me off for 12 months and evaluate me again on Jan. 1, 2015, looking at my 2014 income? Or will they look at each month of 2014 to see if I exceed the prorated allowable income during 2014?

A. Start your search for answers at www.socialsecurity.gov/retire2/rule.htm.


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