Q. Are FERS annuities adjusted for inflation? I have 33 years of government service. With that many years of work, will my FERS annuity be lower if I retire in March, before my 62nd birthday in September?

A. Unless you are a special category employee, such as a law enforcement officer, you would first be eligible for a cost-of-living adjustment at age 62. Be aware that COLAs are applied based on the number of months you are on the annuity roll after reaching age 62. Therefore, if you retired in March, you would first be eligible in September and receive a fraction of the 2014 COLA.


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  1. I believe if you retire before age 62, you will receive 1% of your high 3 for all years of service. If you wait to retire until your 62nd birthday, you will receive 1.1% of your high 3 for all years of service. This means you will receive about 10% more if you wait until age 62 to retire.

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