FEHB and Tricare


Q. I am retired under CSRS and have Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage. In June, I will begin drawing my Navy Reserve retirement and will be eligible for Tricare. What is the best way to handle both coverages together? I have heard that if I am covered under FEHB, that has to be the primary and Tricare will be secondary.

A. You are correct that your FEHB enrollment would be primary and Tricare secondary. Whether you should keep both enrollments or suspend your FEHB coverage is a matter you’ll have to decide.


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  1. Annie Willingham on

    My husband is retired Army of 38 years, he is 60 and we have blue Cross federal and now Tricare basic. My question, will having Tricare now make us pay more out of pocket each visit because bcbsfed won’t pay as much as they did pre Tricare?
    This is all so confusing and I don’t think any military get what they should have.

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