Q. I paid Social Security tax on my “SS statement earnings record,” from 1963 to 1974, and in 1985. I have 27 out of the 40 credits. My retirement number is 66 (I will turn 66 in August). I am still employed. Will I be eligible for Social Security retirement pay (no windfall elimination provision), even though still employed through this year?

A. I’m assuming that you are a CSRS employee. If so, you are subject to the windfall elimination provision. However, since you don’t have 40 credits under Social Security, you won’t be eligible for a Social Security benefit. If you earn enough credits to qualify for a Social Security benefit, it will be subject to the WEP, regardless of your age.


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  1. Though if you are eligible and receiving the Social Security benefit, the WEP is not in effect until you actually retire.

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