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Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer (6c covered). I want to do 20 years covered and five years nonlaw enforcement. I will be 48 with 25 years (20 law plus five nonlaw). Can I retire at 48 with law enforcement retirement, or would I have to wait until I turn 50? I was told by HR that I could do the 20 and five and retire with enhanced retirement. The goal is to do my 20 and get out of law enforcement but retain the enhanced retirement.

A. You would have to have 25 years of covered service to retire at any age. However, if an offer of early retirement came your way, you could retire with 20 years of LEO service and five year of noncovered service and retire at any age. In either case, your annuity would be the same.


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  1. Geez, I didn’t write this original post, but I have the exact same scenario & question (25 years of 6C time would take me to age 48).

    Can I work 20 years 6C to age 43, then work a non-covered positon for 7 years to reach age 50 and still retire with the LEO benefits?

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