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Q. I’m a dual-status federal tech. I am 47 and have 16 years under FERS counting 10 years of military service I bought back. I was injured during military duties that will make me unfit for my position in the Air National Guard. Will I be eligible for the 60/40 annuity when the ANG finds me unfit? If I receive disability payments from the Veterans Affairs Department, how will they affect my FERS disability annuity? I am out of sick and annual leave and have been told from the beginning there is no limited or light duty — if I can’t do all of my job, I can’t do any of it.

Will there be negative issues that crop up from being on extended leave without pay until my medical issues have resolved?

A. You would be able to receive both benefits with no reduction in either of them. Being on LWOP would have no effect unless you exceed six months in a calendar year.


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