Benefits following RIF


Q. I have 36 years of creditable service under CSRS, and I am 56 years of age. In a reduction-in-force situation, assuming I was not placed in another government position, would I be entitled to both 52 weeks severance pay and an immediate annuity?

A. Because you’d be eligible for an annuity, you wouldn’t be eligible for severance pay.


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  1. With 36 years of service under CSRS, an annuity eligibility at age 55, this question shows what is basically awry with unionized public service. With almost 80% of their yearly income assured during retirement, if they are forced to leave from such a cushy gig, will they get paid to leave too? Why retire when you don’t really work that hard? Forget someone else needing a job. Stay until you die at your work station. Its your job for life, right?

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