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Q. I worked for the Department of the Interior from April 25, 1988, as a seasonal employee until I was converted to career conditional on Dec. 4, 1988. I was then hired at the Postal Service on March 11, 1989. Can I buy back my seasonal time? Will that help with creditable service toward the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority? Can sick leave and annual leave be credited toward the VERA? I do not have the age and my current service computation date is Dec. 4, 1988. I am hoping to reach the 25 years at any age, but it appears that I will miss it.

A. You can make a deposit for nondeduction service performed before Jan. 1, 1989. Fill out a copy of Standard Form 3108, Application to Make Service Credit Payment, and send it to the address on the form. The Office of Personnel Management will tell you what you owe. Then you can decide if you want to do that.

Neither annual nor sick leave can be added to make you eligible for a VERA. You have to meet the age and service requirements to do that.


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  1. I was a seasonal wildland firefighter for 8 seasons before getting hired on permanent. Can I buy any of seasonal years to count toward years of service? Thanks

    • I asked OPM and this is what they said: He should go to his Agency HR because he is still working. Tell them that he wants to make a deposit as a firefighter towards his creditable services.

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