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Q. I’m in an upper management position with the Transportation Security Administration for the past 10 years. Recently, I have heard that my immediate supervisor is proposing my removal from federal service. If I get removed, will I lose my federal pension or will I be able to collect it when I reach retirement age?

A. If you don’t take a refund of your retirement contributions, you could apply for a deferred annuity at age 62.


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  1. I am 58 with 27 years of federal service. I filed a discrimination complaint against my supervisor (new supervisor with only one year of experience) and they immediately lowered my rating to unsuccessful and every assignment I receive, they manipulate the instructions to show I am not meeting my elements. I am on a 90 day PIP and believe that at the end of the 90 days, I will be released due to inability to perform. since I am under 60, will I receive a reduced annuity? Also, since I will be released involuntarily, am I eligible for the Social Security Supplement? Thanks

    • You will be entitled to an annuity based on your high-3 and your years of service and, because you have already reached your MRA, the special retirement supplement.


    If I was Removed from service and terminated, can I ever apply for another government position? My SF 50 doesn’t give me any insight other than Removal.

    • Nothing would prevent you from applying for another government position. If you are being considered for a job, both you and your former agency will be asked what the basis for the removal was.

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