Unused sick leave


Q. I am retired military with 27 years in. Since that time, I have been a civil servant and am coming up on my 10-year anniversary under FERS. My service computation date is Aug. 10, 2003. I am planning to resign from my civil position Dec. 31, prior to my 62nd birthday. (I was born Dec. 11, 1952.) I plan to ask for a lump-sum check for my unused accrued leave. But it looks like I will not gain anything for having been such a healthy individual and that my many days of sick leave will simply go wasted. Is my sick leave balance used in any form to accrue additional deferred benefits or can I get paid for my unused balance?

A. If you leave your retirement contributions in the fund when you leave, you’ll be eligible for a deferred annuity. However, deferred annuitants receive no credit for their unused sick leave. FYI: If you stayed on until your 62nd birthday, you’d receive full credit for that unused sick leave in the computation of your annuity.


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