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Q. I have been re-employed under CSRS since Jan. 22, 2006. I have more than 30 years of civilian government service and I am over 55 years old. I am going to retire a second time next month. My annuity continued during my re-employment, it was withheld from my pay for the entire re-employment, and I paid into CSRS at 7 percent of the total amount (pay plus withheld annuity).  It is my understanding and that of my personnel office that I will get a re-determined annuity based as if I had never retired. I want to make sure all of the correct forms are submitted. At present, I have completed an SF 2801 application for immediate retirement, a W-4p, and an SF 2818 (FEGLI). They have given me an estimate that appears correct. I am supposed to review the part of the SF2801 that they completed next week. I want to make sure there is nothing else for me to do.  Also, what is the next step after I check out from this employment? What should I expect from the Office of Personnel Management?

A. Your personnel office has advised you well. I’m not aware of anything else you have to do. As for OPM, your current annuity will continue until OPM has determined the amount of your new annuity. Assuming that your new annuity will be higher than the old one, when OPM determines the amount, you’ll be given a retroactive payment that covers each month before the new annuity amount was set.


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