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Q. Hello, I’m a civil servant with a retirement service computation date of Aug. 28, 1986. This includes approximately 15 years of civil service time under FERS and two active-duty stints for the remainder. I have two DD-214s to account for the military time. My question concerns the noninclusion of other active-duty time I completed while a reservist. I completed approximately four more years of active duty between 1989 and 1997 that was not documented via a DD-214 — active duty for training, for example.

I understand that inactive training periods don’t count toward the computation, but does the ADT time count? Can I purchase this time back as well?

A. You’ll have to ask your agency personnel office to get verification from your branch of service for any periods of active-duty service you performed as a reservist. Note: To get retirement credit for any active duty service, you’ll need to make a deposit to the retirement fund.


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