Retirement and marriage timing


Q. I have decided to retire June 1. I’m in CSRS Offset, will have 36½ years of actual service, and 2,200-plus hours of unused sick leave, for 37½ years of credited service time. This is my 35th year of credited Social Security earnings. I’m aware of the offset reduction. I’m a widower and my retirement forms have been sent in as such.

If I were to remarry after the effective date of my retirement but before I were to receive the first full annuity payment, and sent in a revised retirement form, marriage certificate, beneficiary forms, etc., to the Office of Personnel Management, is there a period of time that the payback of the difference of nonsurvivor vs. survivor annuity and interest would not apply? I thought I read in an OPM circular that if this were to occur (marrying after retirement) before the first full annuity payment was received, the difference payback and interest would not be applied, just the permanent survivor annuity reduction.

A. That’s my understanding, too.


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