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Q. I’m pretty certain if I retire with 30 years of service and at my minimum retirement age (which for me is almost 60 to have both), I will get the special retirement supplement until age 62. Is that correct?

If I have reached my MRA (age 56) with 26 years of service and retire (I believe there is a 5 percent-per-year under-62 penalty; i.e., a lot).

Under official early-out offers (Voluntary Early Retirement Authority; no penalty if at MRA, I believe), if at that time I were 57 (MRA is 56) and 27 years of service, might I get the FERS supplement? Or must one have 30 years of service to get the FERS supplement no matter what?

More simply put: Are there any scenarios where one can collect the FERS supplement with less than 30 years of service?

A. Anyone who retires at age 60 with 20 years of service or at his MRA with 30 will receive the special retirement supplement. Anyone who retires under a VERA will also be entitled to the SRS at his MRA. No one who retires under the MRA+10 provision is eligible for the SRS.


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