Disability vs. regular retirement


Q. I retired from civil service on disability as a GS-11 under FERS in 2007 with nine years of service. My disability monthly pay is about $ 1,630. I will be age 62 in August and, from what I have been reading, my disability will convert to regular retirement at that time. If my time in service is counted up until age 62, I am thinking I will have about 15 years service. Can I expect my monthly pay to drop or increase at age 62? I don’t know what my high-3 is or would be since I am retired.

A. I don’t know if your monthly annuity payments will be higher or lower than what your disability pay is. All I can do is explain how the former will be calculated using the standard formula: .01 x your high-3 on the day your disability annuity began x your years and full months of service from the day on which you retired on disability up to age 62. That amount will be increased by any cost-of-living adjustments that have been added to retiree annuities in the interval.


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