Retirement processing, retroactive pay and unemployment benefits


Q. I was a re-employed annuitant who officially retired Jan. 3 from another federal agency. The human resources specialist at the last federal agency informed me that I would receive my full retirement benefits beginning Feb. 1, since my SF 2801 and additional paperwork was submitted to the Office of Personnel Management prior to their Jan. 18 deadline. I have approximately 37 years of combined federal service: 27 years with the first federal employer and 10 years with the second and final federal employer.

Thanks to OPM’s severe backlog, I have received nothing except the annuity from my first annuity, which I’ve been receiving since January 2003. During this interim, am I eligible for unemployment compensation? Will I receive retroactive pay for the months prior to final my redetermined annuity?

A. Yes, your redetermined annuity will be retroactive to the date on which you retired for the second time. No, you aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation.


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