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Q. I was told by Customs and Border Protection that I could still get a medical retirement even though I have more than 30 years of service. When I go to the Employee Benefits Information System, it says I can’t apply for medical retirement because I have more than 30 years.

A. Years of service have nothing to do with it. If an employee has at least 18 months of creditable service, there are only two situations in which he’d be unable to receive a disability annuity: First, whether he is covered by CSRS or FERS,  if he is eligible for regular, unreduced immediate retirement. Second, if he is a FERS employee who is age 62 or older, his annuity would be computed using the standard FERS formula. If he is a CSRS employee, he can apply for disability retirement and, if approved, begin collecting a disability annuity. However, if he is 60 years old or older or has 22 or more years of service, his disability benefit would the same as his earned retirement benefit.


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  1. Jeff Kleinman on

    The Postal Service & their Postal paid Union NALC are very corrupt. Once taken off work by my doctor for a back injury I developed while on limited duty for my knee, I was desperate for money. I had not been paid in many months & sought the help of Charlene Lewis of NALC to get into a pay status. As I was told when bit by a big dog & was awol until released 100 by my doctor, she told me the only way to be in a pay status was to go to my doctor & tell him whatever I have to so I could get released 100%. This release eventually ruined my disability case, which I wasn’t even told I’m elidgable for until I gave USPS my doctors release. The doctors release was then used as evidence against me. The judge said, according to this report nothing is wrong w/ you. My back injury shows on film. I was not allowed to return to work when able to do something. I was mis-represented by Ms Lewis a second time when I filed an EEOC complaint re: Delaying my return to duty. Ms. Lewis & USPS played games w/ the judge & I. I put in order of preferance 5 clerk positions in front of the judge. I was never offered any of these once the judge left. The judge wanted USPS to work something out w/ me, a joke to USPS. A couple days before my EEO trial Ms. Lewis called me & said to avoid all the back pay they owe you the USPS is offering you these two jobs & if I didn’t accept one the judge would look bad at me since I was so desperate for money. Both jobs were traps & not on the list I was given in front of the judge. I was made to sign away all rights to my route & EEO case in exchange for the job upon qualifying. I told Ms. Lewis I would take any test except typing. She told me twice, once in Labor Relations office in front of them, that She has no doubt in the world I could pass the test & besides there is no typing required. Being desperate I signed. I went to take a test & there was only one test- typing. I didn’t qualify. I called Ms. Lewis afterward’s & she told me she knew about the typing but thought I could pass as they only req. 25wpm & she can type 80wpm. I told her whatever she can do has nothing to do w/ me & how could she do this to me. She told me Mgmnt. & the Union make deals, you let us win this case & we’ll let you win the next three. She said they wanted to win mine because I had so much on them. She told me I could sue the Union if I want, but would only spend more money & get nothing. My family had no more money at that point. I found a Nazi Swastika taped to my workplace, & insisted that the shop steward Jackie White give a station talk about it. I was sent to the P.O. doctor who said something must be wrong w/ me, that it upset me, because I wasn’t even alive during the Holocaust. I was then sent to a contracted psyciatrist who said, he is not Jewish but if somebody taped a Nazi Swastika to his workplace it would upset him also. After ann EEOC grievance I filed re: threats & harrassment. My manager Carolyn Cooper called me at home & said,” This is no threat you are going to be fired. No if’s, and’s or but’s you are going to be fired. It is just a fact of life yo are going to be fired. Her words came true by me following my union reps. advice. I asked the carrier next to me Duane Joseph if he would sign what he had just heard said to me, since the DOL returned a diary of unfair & unjust things that had been happening to me by Mrs. Cooper & Lillie Shelton her appointed cronie who was falsifying info about me. A carrier Rudy Mugar told me she asked him to make up a story about me & sign his name.He refused. Mr. Joseph, when asked to sign, raised his arms in the air & said, ” I don’t want to be the next on their list, I don’t want to be treated like you!” Fear of retaliation is very justified by any employee of the USPS, & especially anybody that worked under Carolyn Cooper- look what happened to me! I still suffer from the on the job injuries I sustained while an employee of the USPS & have nightmares of my Postal experience. I delivered during the L.A. Riot’s & felt much safer on the street, even as crowds of people yelled white boy at me, then I ever felt in my own station while Mrs. Cooper was manager. I heard Mrs. Cooper was forced to retire early due to too many grievances against her, & she now works at Dodger Stadium. She even once sent me to another station after I was off the clock & wouldn’t allow me to bring my time card. I was out delivering backed up mail until past 9pm at the other station. I have always thought of USPS & NALC as legalized organized crime. My stories could go on, but I think you got my point. I hope this can help somebody else that might be going through some of what I went through. Anybody that works for a company in which their Union gets the same checks is starting off w/ a deck that is stacked againt them!

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