Termination and disability retirement


Q. I saw this exchange on your site:

“Q. I am 60 and was hospitalized in March. I used all my sick and vacation leave because of a medical condition that will last more than a year, used all my [Family Medical Leave Act time] and have applied for disability retirement. I got a call from the nurse executive that if they don’t receive a letter from me within five days that I am resigning, they will have to terminate my federal service, since they say I am AWOL. This same executive in May completed the supervisor portion of my disability retirement application. Can they fire me even though I have applied for disability retirement?

A. Yes. However, whether you resign or they separate you, it won’t affect your application for disability retirement.”

Can you tell me if, when the retirement application is approved, the termination is then converted to a retirement action?

A. No, it wouldn’t. The SF-50 action would have already been effected, so whether it was a termination or separation, etc., if you later receive a disability retirement, this wouldn’t affect the SF-50 action that was already done.


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