Waiver for mandatory retirement age?


Q. Are there any situations and/or waivers that would allow someone under FERS to continue to work after reaching mandatory retirement age?

A. CSRS and FERS law enforcement officers and firefighters are subject to mandatory retirement at age 57 if they have 20 years of service. An agency head can retain an LEO until age 60 if he finds that the employee’s continued service is in the public interest. The FBI has limited authority to raise the age to 65. While a CSRS LEO can be retained above age 60, it may only do so with the Office of Personnel Management’s permission. A FERS LEO may only be retained with the permission of the president.

Air traffic controllers must be separated from the service on the last day of the month in which they become age 56. However, that requirement doesn’t apply to someone appointed as an ATC by the Department of Transportation before May 16, 1972, or by the Defense Department before Sept. 12, 1980.

Foreign service officers are mandatorily retired at age 65.

There isn’t any mandatory retirement age for regular CSRS and FERS employees.


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  1. I think it is time to look into instituting a mandatory retirement age for federal civilians. We are coming to a time where a force cut will be necessary and there are entirely too many people eligible for full retirement just padding their numbers.

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