Rehired annuitant and supplementing retirement


Q. I retired from the Department of Defense in 2007 under CSRS. I began employment in 2008 as a re-employed annuitant with another government agency. Since I make no retirement contributions as an annuitant, will I be able to buy this time to supplement my retirement?

A. Yes, you can make a deposit to get credit for that time. If you have between one and five years of additional service, you’ll receive a supplemental annuity. If you have at least five years of service, you’ll receive a supplemental annuity. Note: If you were hired into a position where you received both your annuity and the full salary of your new position, you won’t get any credit for that time and cannot make a deposit to do so.


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  1. Rigoberto Rodriguez on

    I am a reemployed annuitant working in DoD. My annuity is not subject to offset. I should be pay full salary and full annuity but , I am not receiving the special supplement, as part of the annuity, should I am entitle to the special supplement? I retired under VERA early retirement.

    • You may not be receiving it for one of two reasons. First, if you haven’t yet reached your minimum retirement age. Second, if you have reached your MRA and your earnings from wages or self employment have exceeded the annual Social Security earnings limit.

      • Mr. Jones, I reached to the MRA. Second I have checked all over for the answer of whether the supplement is apart of the annuity when the annuitant is hired on under a special statutory provision. DoD policy stated that a reemployed annuitant hired under special statutory provision, is entitle to a full salary and full pension. OPM stated that A supplemental annuity is an annuity that is added on to your present annuity. Section 9902(h) and also PART 553—REEMPLOYMENT OF CIVILIAN RETIREES TO MEET EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYMENT NEEDS, both indicate, full salary and full annuity. The reduction in the supplement subject to annual earning test is when the reemployed annuitant is hired under normal circumstances. I can not find the law that specifically indicates that the supplement is subject to the earning test when an annuitant is hired under special statutory provisions.

  2. Bruce Reinhardt on

    I am a rehired annuitant working for DoD. Is there a limit to how long I can work in this status? Also, is there a limit on the amount I can earn from my DoD job?

    • Whether there is a term limit on your appointment or a limit on your earnings are questions best answered by your local personnel office.

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