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Q. My husband resigned from a Defense Department agency (non-civil service) after 29 years to work in the private sector. He was under CSRS, never converting to FERS. Before his resignation 10 years ago, he spoke to the agency’s personnel retirement representatives and was told he would still be able to collect retirement but only after he reached the age of 62. They told him that he should start the retirement paperwork six months from his 62nd birthday. Is this information correct? Does he lose the 2 percent for each year under the age of 62 he was when he resigned? He’s within a couple of months of that six-month target.

A. What his agency personnel retirement representative told him is correct. The deferred annuity he will receive at age 62 will be based on the standard CSRS formula and his high-3 and years and full months of service on the day he left government. There will be no age-based reduction in his annuity.


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