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Q. I will have approximately 503 hours of annual leave when I retire at the end of May (183 hours were carried over). I also have 24 hours of a time off award and 30 hours of home leave unused as a result of a previous overseas assignment. Will my payout for leave include the 24 hours of the time off award added to my 503 hours? Will I receive a payout for the 30 hours of home leave, will I simply lose it, or will it be added as creditable service in my retirement calculations?

A. You will receive a lump-sum payment for up to 24 credit hours, which will be paid at your hourly rate of pay on the day you retire. On the other hand, you won’t receive either a lump-sum payment or service credit for any unused home leave.


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  1. How can you have 503 annual leave hours. Max to carryover from prior year is 240 + max earned in a year is 208 (8×26 pay periods). Add those and max would only be 448. I am planning on carrying over my 240 and trying to earn as many hours as possible before my retirement month of Oct. I figure I will have about 400. If you are retiring in May – that is less than 1/2 year so you should have 183 + maybe 100 hours. I can’t see 503 and would like to know how anyone can accumulate that much.

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