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Q. I’m retiring at the end of this month. If there were to be an announcement of a buyout before 5 p.m. of my last day, would I qualify? I’m 62 with 29 years in the Postal Service.

A. Highly unlikely because the purpose of a buyout is to encourage employees to leave who wouldn’t do so without a financial incentive. Since you have already made the decision to retire and are on the verge of departing, your agency would have no reason to either offer or approve a buyout for you.


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  1. I disagree. say it’s noon on your last day and they just announced a buyout. simply call opm and tell them you want to cancel you’re retirement, for personal reasons, financial reasons, whatever. then wait for the buyout info and set a new retirement date. i’ve known several carriers that had mailed their booklets in and cancelled at the last minute.

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