Leave without pay and annuity


Q. I understand that for leave without pay of less than six month, we receive credit for that time.

I am 52 with 32 years of service, all under FERS. My MRA is 56 (2016). In my last year or sooner, I believe my supervisor will allow me the last year before retirement to work 24 and 16 hours LWOP. Is there any impact? I’m under retired spouses FEHB.

A. That isn’t a legitimate use of LWOP. You and your supervisor could get into trouble for trying that dodge. If your supervisor believes that the workload in his unit would allow him to approve your working part time, he could do that. However, be aware that your annuity would be reduced by that decision. While that period of service would be treated as if you were a full-time employee in determining your length of service, it would be prorated when your annuity was computed.


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