Military and federal retirements


Q. I have three years of active-duty Navy service from 1999 to 2002.

I rejoined the Navy Reserve in April 2002.

I am considering a federal job with FERS benefits.

If I do 20 years in the reserves and 20 years in the VA with FERS benefits, will I receive both retirements?

A. Yes, you can receive both reserve retired pay and a FERS annuity without a reduction in either. If you take a FERS position, you can get credit for your period of active-duty service by making a deposit to the civilian retirement system. Doing so would not affect your getting credit for that same period of service toward your reserve retirement.

FYI: To retire from FERS with an unreduced annuity, you would have to meet one of the following age and service requirements: 62 with five, 60 with 20 or at your minimum retirement age (MRA) with 30.


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