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Q. When I returned to government service in 1995, human resources recommended that I switch to FERS and receive a computation date of Oct. 6, 1989, for my years of service in the 1970s. So many people are saying that CSRS is the better arrangement. I was so glad to have a job and listened to what they recommended. Can I switch back to FERS even though I signed a form of understanding?

A. No.


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    I too am a FERS transferee who worried that I had made a bad choice. However, here’s how it can work to your advantage. If you are still working as a federal employee when you reach your full retirement age for Social Security (currently 66), you can request and receive Social Security without any reduction due to the WEP or your federal earnings. In my case, I received over $60,000 in Social Security while still employed and was able to pay off my mortgage with that amount.

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