Disability compensation and annuity


Q. I’m a 100 percent disabled veteran, effective April 2008, with war-incurred injuries.

In 2010, I applied for disability retirement while working for the Postal Service with 14 years of service and did not buy back my military time.

The Office of Personnel Management calculated my high-3 on my postal salary alone. Should they not have calculated my Veterans Affairs Department compensation income from 2008, since it was a war-incurred injury that led me to retire? Is there a statue that protects vets who have war-incurred injuries? And does OPM allow special compensation for this matter?

A. By law, OPM could only compute your annuity based on your actual service and any active-duty service for which you paid a deposit. There is no provision in law or regulation that would allow them to give you special compensation. If you are entitled to anything for your war-incurred injuries, it would come from some other agency of government and, as such, fall outside the boundaries of this forum.


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