NAF employment and federal rehire


Q. I was a nonappropriated funds government employee from 1979 to 1990 holding UA7, UA8 and UA9 positions (AAFES and Army NAF). I resigned in 1990 and have worked in the private sector since.

Now I plan to return to federal government employment as a GS5 or GS7.

How will my service time count toward retirement, and is it possible to repay my NAF pension funds into the system? Also, how will my accrued sick leave be handled?

A. Public Law 107-107 permits employees who worked in a Department of Defense or Coast Guard NAF instrumentality to get credit for that service for establishing their eligibility for immediate retirement only. However, that service cannot be used in the computation of an employee’s CSRS or FERS annuity. To the best of our knowledge, sick leave earned while a NAF employee cannot be credited to a CSRS or FERS employee’s leave balance.


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