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Q. In 2004, I resigned as a GS-0132 with 17 years of federal service. In 2009, I started drawing Social Security disability.

I am 57. I did not withdraw my retirement when I separated. Can I draw my FERS retirement early based on my Social Security disability, or will I have to wait until I am 62 to begin drawing it?

A. You’ll have to wait until you are 62.


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  1. I’m sure this individual can receive a FERS retirement under the MRA+10 rule! It has nothing to do with his/her receiving Social Security disability pay. He or she has already exceeded the minimum retirement (MRA) age of 56. Seventeen years of employment clearly exceeds the ten year MRA+10 requirement. As I understand it, this person’s early FERS retirement will be permanently reduced by 5% for each year of retirement before age 62, or about 25% in this case.

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