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Q. I am a 51-year-old federal employee covered by FERS. I have 31+ years of service, and my agency is offering the Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay/Voluntary Early Retirement Authority option. However, my direct management has flat-out denied my request for early retirement under the premise that it will take them more than six months to backfill my position under the current government conditions. Moreover, I am one of about 50 budget analysts, any of which should be able to do what I am doing. Do I have any recourse? Am I just plain out of luck and have no option but to suck it up? Or is there a way I can force management to approve my request as in other parts of my agency?

A. The decision about who will be offered an early retirement option, with or without a VSIP, is up to your agency. However, if you believe you have been singled out for different treatment, you can get in touch with your agency’s Office of the Inspector General.


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  1. It’s my understanding that if all Budget Analysts in her Agency are eligible for the VSIP/VERA, she cannot be singled out for denial. I would contact HR, both locally and at higher levels to find out whether her job series is eligible or not. If so, she should be eligible, no matter what her immediate supervisors say.

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