Furlough and term employees and re-employed annuitants


Q. What we here in Japan would like to know is when furlough notices kick in May 28 to June 5 and furloughs tentatively to begin July 8, what’s going happen to term/temp employees and more specifically re-employed annuitants?

A. Your agency is the only one that can answer those questions.


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  1. I here all this talk about line staff being furloughed and we make to much money, our penisons are to good, but not person in congress has said anything about penison or they make to much money, why is it that the working person is always being hit in the head, at least I can say that President Obama took a pay cut during this time, I did not see anyone else in congress step up and do the same thing, not even the house speaker which I think is a devil in a suit just my opinion, we still don’t have a budget in place the whole world is laughing at us, the people in congress and on capital hill need to start doing there job or get out and let some else in to that wants to work. because for the past 5 years nothing has been done,

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