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Q. I am a former federal employee (canine enforcement officer) who was injured on the job in 1999. I was placed on COP and then on the periodic rolls of the Department of Labor. After a year of physical rehab, my doctor released me to light duty, for which the US Customs Service had no jobs available to me.

I was terminated in 2000. I am still being paid by the DOL. I was recently sent by DOL to a doctor to evaluate my condition, and the doctor determined that my status is permanent at the sedentary level. I am now working with a vocational rehabilitation counselor assigned by the DOL. Am I eligible to apply for a FERS disability retirement?

A. Any federal employee can apply for disability retirement; however, only OPM can determine if you qualify for it.


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  1. I was told by my agency that an employee has one year from the date of separation to apply for disability retirement, even if the employee is receiving OWCP benefits at the time of separation.

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