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Q. I served four years in the military on active duty and seven years in the reserves. I was hired as an Army civilian temp in 1991 and was kept until 1993, then laid off. Then I was called back in 2004 as permanent employee under FERS. I paid back the deposit for four years of military time, and they processed a new SCD Merge and Purge of OPF complete.

Now my SF50 action gives a service computation date of 1998 (leave). The EBIS preliminary retirement report says my SCD is 2000. The left hand isn’t speaking to the right hand.

I worked 2½ years for the federal government. That should count as creditable service. I was even given back my sick leave of more than 500 hours. Shouldn’t I have to pay back the service credit payment? Why is the EBIS retirement estimate wrong?


Military time: 1976-1980 = four years

Temp time: 1991-1993= 2½ years

Current time: 2004-2013= 10 years

That’s 16½ years of working for the government. Simple math.

A. The rules governing credit for annual leave accrual rates and retirement differ. From the information you provided, you apparently got no retirement credit for your period of temporary employment.

That would be correct if FERS retirement deductions weren’t taken from your pay during that employment. If they were, you should get retirement credit for that time.


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