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Q. I have 25 years of federal service and plan to retire in two years. I have carried the FEHB for my family for that time. My husband was a fed for 10 years, left for private sector and is now returning to the fed employment for probably another five-plus years before he retires.

Before I retire, is there a benefit to putting our FEHB in his name? His company paid for dental insurance, which we will lose. We need this coverage (I have lots of dental expenses), so we will enroll in a federal dental plan — in his name or mine?

A. There’s nothing to be gained by shifting the coverage to your husband unless you want the premiums taken out of his pay instead of your annuity.

All that’s required to carry that coverage into retirement is that there be five consecutive years of coverage under the FEHB program as an enrollee, covered family member or a combination of both.


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