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Q. As I am approximately two years from retirement, I just filed for and received my retirement estimate from my agency. I received no credit for my four years of military service, which I previously made a deposit for in 2001-02. I have copies of my leave and earnings statement showing this. I transferred agencies in 2002 (Immigration & Naturalization to Transportation Security Administration), shortly after completing deposit and never received any receipt from I&NS.

My agency HR states they can’t help as they don’t have access to these records. They advised me to contact the Office of Personnel Management. Please advise as to what I should do, who to contact and how I can correct this matter.

A. Call OPM’s Retirement Information Office at 1-888-767-6738 or 1-724-794-2005 and talk of one of their benefits specialists.


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  1. Riduculous reply! OPM will have no record of a military buy-back. ONLY the agency that received it! You will need to contact the agency HR/Payroll to get them to provide the payback. I work for Navy and I also switched to a different agency and had to have DFAS help get the Navy to provide the payback. It was a mess and I am sure each agency handles it differently. I hear that this is a problem for many retirees… meaning no record of payback. Agencies have no guidance or oversight on this. But DFAS is the one that handles the estimate regardless of which agency payroll. OPM has nothing to do with the buy back!

  2. Benefits Specialist on

    Military deposits that are paid in full have to be recorded on your Individual Retirement Record (IRR). Your agency should have submitted a request for your IRR to see if it was documented there before sending you on a fishing expedition with OPM.

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