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Q. I have 10 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I paid my military deposit (14 years, nine months and 18 days), so my total time is 24 years and nine months. I’m leaving to return to school full time. If I come back after three to five years, I’ve been told I would be starting over, i.e., all that time is gone because of the break in service. Is that true?

Q. I served six years active duty with the Navy and 16 years with the Air Force Reserve. I bought back the six active years, as I am employed with the U.S. Postal Service. I retired from the Air Force Reserve back in 2011. How does the buy back help/hurt my military reserve retirement pay when I am 65?

Q. I recently paid off my military buyback. Am I supposed to receive some type of form? Will it be reflected on my SF-50 or Leave and Earnings Statement? I currently work for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Q. I am 53 years old, and I retired from the Navy Reserve in 2008 with 21 years of service (13 active). I have been a GS employee since 2002 and have made a deposit for the active-duty time toward my civilian retirement. I plan to retire from the federal government when I am 56. Will I still be eligible for a military reserve retirement?

Q. I have already served all my military time active duty and reserves which will equal 20 years. I work for the VA (FERS) and bought back my active duty time (16 years) before I knew I was eligible for a military retirement too. The whole object is to have two retirements, one military/one VA. The VA says no, that once military time is paid for, it belongs to them and can only be used for a VA retirement.

Q. I served 14 years of active duty and six years with the National Guard. Is it beneficial for me to buy back my 14 years of active-duty time toward my civil service retirement? If I do so, do I lose the six years spent in the National Guard? I have received my 20-year letter?

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