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Q. I am planning to retire at age 60 from the Postal Service after 34 years.

I also have five years of military service, which I never paid back. I have 31 quarters in Social Security. If I decide to work after I’m 63 to get the 40 quarters, will it affect the amount of my CSRS retirement?

A. No. OPM will check only once with the Social Security Administration: at age 62, if you are already retired, or on the day you retire, if it is at or after age 62.


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  1. Wlliam Scot Hart on

    I retired at 58 from the Postal service after 24 years plus 4 years military.
    At 62 I applied for Social Security. Once I started receiving Social Security, My retirement pay dropped by about one thousand dollars per month.
    I was originally CSRS Offset since I hired on in 1984. I was retroactively place on FERS and repaid all my Social security back payments at which I became officially FERS. Is it possible there was a bookkeeping error and I’m still being considered under CSRS rules?

    • That sounds like what happened. You’ll have to call OPM at 1-888-767-6738 or write then at Retirement Services and Management Group, P.O. Box 45, Boyers, PA 16017-0045.

    • No, you don’t. Your CSRS or FERS annuity continues no matter how much you earn after retirement.

      • Wife thought that we did, because of tax info form from USPS(OPM) asking how much we make/made each year, just like from the Social Security office. Thanks for the heads up and will pass that on to the wife(tax preparer for the both of us).
        She insist that we receive a form asking how much we make/made each year from the USPS at tax time.

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