Disability annuity and continued federal employment


Q. Since I started receiving a FERS disability annuity, I have worked while still receiving the annuity. What percent of my federal service salary can I earn without losing my annuity? (It was 60 percent or so.)

I was a GS-855-12 step 2. What is the current salary for that position (GS schedules are easy to find, but not GS-855 salary schedules showing their higher rates of pay)?

Do I still lose my disability annuity if I return to work for the federal government as a teacher at an overseas military base? (It used to be that returning to work for the federal government would automatically end the disability annuity.)

A. You can earn up to 80 percent of the current basic pay for the position you occupied when you retired on disability. To find out what that figure is now, call your former employer.


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