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Q. I retired as a CSRS employee Nov. 30, 2006, and am a rehired annuitant. I have been working in my current position with the Air Force for the last 22 months, receiving both my annuity and the full salary of my new position. I want to find another way to add to my retirement before this overseas job ends.

What additional retirement program options do I have? I was told by Air Force personnel management that I do not qualify for supplementing/contributing to my CSRS annuity. TSP also is closed for me to invest in since I started to withdraw from my account.

A. By law, you are barred from gaining additional retirement credit for your period of re-employment. When you leave your job, for retirement purposes it will be as if you had never been re-employed. Nevertheless, you will have received a full annuity, an unreduced salary and a lump-sum payment for any unused annual leave.


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