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Q. I took the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority in July 2012 under FERS because of health reasons. I had 24.9 years and I get the special retirement supplement. Since then, I was awarded disability benefits from the Social Security office with benefits beginning Jan 1, 2013. Since I did not retire under FERS disability with the Postal Service, do I still get to draw the supplement with my annuity along with my Social Security disability?

A. Yes, because the money comes out of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, not the Social Security Fund.


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  1. Best to relook this responce … your not on FERS Disability, your on Soc Sec Disability and early FERS Retirement. The real question is why did you not retire with FERS Disability, its a far better program than Early Retirement with more income and a reassessment of your retirement at age 62 with all your time and increases counting for time in service and a new high three AVG resulting in again a much highter lifetime income … I would rush to the post office and put in a Disability Claim to OPM today if your still within one year since you retired … then I would get more information. There is a one year time clock from when you leave the Govt that you can apply for FERS Disability … and yes you can have SS Disability and FERS Disability and they reduce both to 60-40 then 40-60 or 40-60 then 60-40 but in all cases FERS Disability is much, much, much better.

  2. Better yet, I would drive to OPM and fill in an Application for Disability in their office and get it time stamped … I would not worry about what you say, they might let you update it before its reviewed and if not you will get two more appeals to redo everything before a denial is final … even after that with a lawyer there might be more appeals in Court. If your within 1 year since you retired … if you deside after gaining more information to do nothing you can withdraw your appliation.

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