Stopping retirement for a new position


Q. I am 64 years old with 9½ years with the Air Force. I am planning on retiring in September. I previously put in for another position closer to home and now may be getting accepted for this new civilian job. Can I retract my retirement and accept this position, or do I have to retire then get reinstated back into the government? I have put in for leave and will be gone for the entire month of September before my retirement date. The new job begins in mid-October. I will not have any more leave after the end of September, so how do I stay with the federal government to start the new position in mid-October?

A. Yes, you can retract you retirement application. However, please be aware that according to the Comptroller General of the United States, you aren’t entitled to take terminal leave. If you do want to take the new job, you should cancel your plans to retire and continue at work until the new position opens. Let your employer know what you are going to do so he or she can plan ahead.


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