Postponed annuity


Q. Once I separate (retire) from my agency, do I have to begin receiving my pension right away, or can I delay it and begin receiving it for a couple of years? I want to leave when I’m 62 years and four months old and have 23 years of service.

A. Although the postponement of an annuity is rare for anyone who isn’t retiring under the MRA+10 provision, it can be done. When you get ready to leave government, don’t complete the Standard Form 3107, Application for Immediate Retirement. Instead, simply resign. Then 60 days before you want your annuity to begin, call the Office of Personnel Management at 1-888-767-6738 or email them at and ask for form RI 92-19, FERS Application for Deferred or Postponed Retirement. Alternatively, you can download the form at, click on Forms.


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