Q. I retired from the federal civil service in November 2012 with 35½ years of service at age 56. I would like to go back to work under federal civil service. Can I be re-employed by the federal civil service? And can it be the same work grade series, or would I have to change work grade series? I was an aircraft mechanic (WG-8852-10) series. Is there a time limit in which I can re-apply for a federal job? Management told me they would rehire me as long as I applied through USAJobs. Could you explain how this would work with the annuity that I already receive? I didn’t receive early incentives when I retired.

A. There is no bar to your being rehired in any series and grade for which you are qualified, nor is there any time limit. As a rule, the salary of your new position would be offset (reduced) by the amount of your annuity.


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