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Q. If I’m offered a position at a lower grade, but the same pay through pay retention (same GS pay plan), would declining it forfeit my already filed disability retirement application? Also, position would be non-law enforcement versus my current law enforcement retirement plan, so I would be giving up my enhanced 20-year law enforcement officer annuity. According to what I’ve read, I’m not required to accept a lower grade position — even if they match the pay rate.

Q. I retired under CSRS in 1997. I had a reduced annuity until my wife died in 2009. I restored my annuity to full status. I remarried in October 2014 and applied for reduced annuity for my second wife. I now find that I have my annuity reduced further by some actuarial formula, which says I owe some $59,000 to the government as if I were still under a reduced annuity program after the death of my first wife. That’s under the provisions of Title 11, USC, Section 11002, of Public Law 103-66, which I am unable to find and…

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