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Q. I am a Customs and Border Protection officer. I was hired in August 2003. I am under the CBP officers enhanced retirement, which took effect in July 2008. According to my leave and earnings statement, it says my “Retirement 6C date” is Aug. 24, 2003, which is the date I was hired. Does this mean that my enhanced retirement benefits will be calculated from that date? I thought it would start from the July 2008 date. Can you clarify?

A. Because you were hired before the enhanced benefit took effect, two things will happen. First, those earlier years won’t be computed using the enhanced benefit formula. Second, you won’t be subject to the requirement to be mandatorily separated at age 57.


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  1. Based on the above statement regarding, “you won’t be subject to the requirement to be mandatorily separated at age 57.” Does this same rule apply to VRA members who were hired with CBP? Rumor mill is that if you were hired under veteran status, we can stay in as long as we would like as well as receive the 1.7% retirement even if we did less than 20 years with CBP. I transferred from LEO federal position (0083-non LEO retirement) with DoD agency with 18 years before accepting a position with CBPO at the age of 45.

    • I’m not familiar with the rules covering those who transferred to CBP. Maybe one of our readers can answer your question.

  2. If anyone has information please let me know. I’ve been told by some officers that Legacies and VRA appointment share the same plan. You’re not obligated to complete 20 years to get 1.7% retirement. but regular hires have to do at least 20 years to have the 1.7% calculated, otherwise it would fall under 1.0%.

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