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Prior LEO service


Q. I worked for 10 years and five months under CSRS prior to moving to a law-enforcement covered position. How will the first 10 years be calculated with the 21 years as a LEO? A. All time beyond 20 years of covered service will be computed using the standard formula, not the enhanced one for LEOs.

Retire from law enforcement at 48


Q. I am currently employed with the Bureau of Prisons,and in three years, I will have 20 years law enforcement time. But I will only be 48 years old. Can I just retire from the BOP in three years with total of 20 years law enforcement at age 48? I’d wait until I am 50 years old and start collecting my retirement. From age 48 – 50 I plan just to work at Wal-mart or a grocery store. I also bought back 6 years of my military.

Law enforcement and SRS eligibility


Q. I am eligible for a 30-year retirement in July at age 50. If I do not get another job, I am eligible for a special retirement supplement due to the mandatory early retirement that federal law officers must take. If I don’t work for, say, six months and then get a job in the private sector and work two years, or if I get a job immediately upon retirement and only work a couple of years, will I still be eligible for the supplement after leaving the private sector?

Military retirement + civilian retirement


Q. I left active duty after 14 years and joined the reserves. Due to my specialty in certain investigations (CID agent), I was involuntary mobilized prior to obtaining a civilian (1811) job. I was mobilized for four continuous years, bringing my active-duty time to 18 years. Once off active duty, I was able to report for my first day of work as an 1811 in the GS. Since I was not eligible for active-duty retirement, I was able to use my 18 years for sick/vacation time. My unit is planning to mobilize this year (for a year), and my plan…

Law enforcement special retirement coverage


Q. I was hired as GS-9/11 1811 criminal investigator (primary position) and, after two years and 23 days, I was promoted into a supervisory position for nine years that was classified as a secondary position. Because I did not complete three years in a primary position first, I was told that I did not meet the requirements for special coverage. But I changed agencies and spent my last eight years in a “primary position,” so I have over 10 years in a primary position. I feel that I have completed the three-year requirement. Can I get the nine years of…

Disability retirement and law enforcement


Q. I am receiving disability benefits. I am 49 years old and a former Customs and Border Protection officer. I was basically forced to retire when I became injured, and the agency informed me I was not suitable to be an officer, and they offered me a secretarial job. The agency asserted that I could no longer fulfill my job as a CBP officer notating the job description for 6(c) coverage. I am wondering if I should be entitled to 6(c) retirement under disability or regular retirement? Before 6(c) was authorized, I was already performing the same duties just without…



Q. I am a law enforcement employee with the federal Bureau of Prisons. I joined the BOP on Nov. 26, 1995. Prior to that, I served in the Army on active duty for 11 years, with a two-year break in service. First term in the Army was Feb. 8, 1983, to May 2, 1988 – Honorable Discharge. Second term in the Army was April 30, 1990, to Dec. 28, 1995 – Honorable Discharge. I was on terminal leave while I joined the BOP, so for one month I was double dipping, so to speak. Would I be eligible for CSRS,…

Law enforcement annuity calculation


Q. I am 57 years of age and served 25 years as a FERS law enforcement officer. Two years ago, I transferred from that position to another agency (unbroken service) and serve in a non-LEO FERS position. I continue to contribute 1.3 percent to FERS while my agency contributes its required LEO percentage. The agency suggests I should be paying only 0.8 percent. Upon leaving federal service, how will my retirement be calculated in terms of percentages and high-3 years? Will the calculation change as well as any other factors if I contribute at the lower percentage as the agency…

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