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Q. If I’m offered a position at a lower grade, but the same pay through pay retention (same GS pay plan), would declining it forfeit my already filed disability retirement application? Also, position would be non-law enforcement versus my current law enforcement retirement plan, so I would be giving up my enhanced 20-year law enforcement officer annuity. According to what I’ve read, I’m not required to accept a lower grade position — even if they match the pay rate.

Q. I am currently overseas on an extended family vacation. I’ll be turning 62 years old at the end of this month. I left the federal service as a law enforcement officer in 2012 with 6 ½ years of creditable service. I did not receive a refund of my retirement contributions when I quit from my federal job. Can you give me an approximate annuity based on my service? What do I have to do to apply for it?

Q. I currently have 23 years of law enforcement experience and just reached 50 years old, so I am eligible to retire. If I accept a TERM position with the FDIC, can I still retire at any time, or do I need to reach MRA for my age group? If I keep the law enforcement retirement, who handles the retirement when I do decide to go? How will the FDIC time count toward my retirement calculations?

Q. I am 44-years-old and just transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons from the VA. I have eight years of civil service and 13 years of Active duty in the Army under my belt. Does my active duty time, when bought back, count toward the 20-25 year law enforcement officers retirement?

Q. I would like to retire in 4 years with 25 years in a position that falls under 6c. I retired at the age of 49. I’m interested in full-time work in the private sector. How would that affect my 6c enhancements supplement through the Office of Personnel Management? Would there be a limit on the amount of money I can make? Will my supplement be reduced?

Q. I worked for 10 years and five months under CSRS prior to moving to a law-enforcement covered position. How will the first 10 years be calculated with the 21 years as a LEO? A. All time beyond 20 years of covered service will be computed using the standard formula, not the enhanced one for LEOs.

Q. I am currently employed with the Bureau of Prisons,and in three years, I will have 20 years law enforcement time. But I will only be 48 years old. Can I just retire from the BOP in three years with total of 20 years law enforcement at age 48? I’d wait until I am 50 years old and start collecting my retirement. From age 48 – 50 I plan just to work at Wal-mart or a grocery store. I also bought back 6 years of my military.

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