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Q. I am eligible for FERS retirement on Jan. 17, 2015. For financial reasons, assuming the special retirement supplement is not canceled before then, I need to not use any annual leave for all of 2014, and then cash out my 448 hours (240 saved and the 208 for FY14) at my hourly rate for an approximate $20,000 needed to pay off my mortgage. My problem is, with the 2014 leave year ending Jan. 10 or 12, 2015, I may conceivable lose the 208 hours of unused 2014 annual leave. Is there any way I can plan and execute my desire to save up my 2014 annual leave to use my 240 use/lose plus the 208 2014 hours to meet my financial goals?

Does it change anything when considering both my mom and mother-in-law who reside in another state 1,500 miles away are in bad health (i.e. bona fide family need) in the request for waiver or any such option?

A. No, there isn’t.


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