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Q. I noticed on the plan for Group Health Coop, the only premiums listed are for “self only” and “self and family.” As only my wife and myself are to be covered, is there a different premium for “self plus one”? I have seen this category on other policies.

A. I don’t know what other policies you’ve been looking at, but they couldn’t have been ones in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. According to the Office of Personnel Management, “FEHB law does not permit the Program to offer a Self Plus One category. Pursuant to section 8905 of title 5, United States Code, ‘An employee [or annuitant]may enroll in an approved health benefits plan under section 8903 or 8903(a) of this title either as an individual or for self and family.’ The law does not allow a Self Plus One option.  Congress would need to change the law to permit this type of enrollment plan.”


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