Military buyback, military retirement pay and VA disability pay


Q. I retired from the Navy with 20 years of active duty and receive both military retirement pay and Veterans Affairs Department disability pay. For the past four years, I have been working for the federal government under FERS. I want to make a deposit for my years of active-duty service and waive my military retired pay when I retire. When I make the deposit, will it stop my military pay and VA disability pay?

A. Making a deposit won’t stop either. You’ll only have to waive your military retired pay when you retire from your civilian job. To the best of our knowledge, you won’t ever have to waive your VA disability pay.


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  1. Retiring as a government civilian with military retire buy back, does that effect concurrent pay from VA disability? In detail, if we receive VA disability and our military retirement is offset does retiring from government stop the offset because our military retirement is now figured into our government retirement?

    • Making a deposit to get credit for your active duty service and waiving your military retired pay will have no affect on your entitlement to other military or VA benefits.

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