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Q. I got my first federal permanent position in January 1986 and was put in CSRS Interim. I should have been put in FERS in 1987 automatically, and I also elected FERS explicitly. For 1987, I was erroneously put in CSRS. For 1988 forward, I’ve been in FERS correctly. What happens if I get the 1987 error corrected?  I’ve seen lots of info about this situation for people who are covered by the Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act, but I’m not. I wasn’t in the wrong plan for long enough.

A. Since you weren’t in CSRS Interim long enough to get any annuity credit for it, it should have automatically been converted to FERS service. Let your personnel office know of the error and ask them to make sure the record is set straight. No money will have to change hands because the deductions for CSRS Interim were identical to those under FERS.


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